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Bringing Back Pasta!

Do you love pasta but avoid it out of fear that it will make your waistline grow? Do you wish that you could once again indulge in your favorite spaghetti, macaroni, penne, or rigatoni recipe without splurging on your diet? Have you been sold on the “carbs are a bad idea” and have you allowed this theory to turn you away from one of your favorite foods?

Despite popular notions, there is no reason to exclude yourself from indulging in your favorite savory noodle. Simply substitute traditional, starchy, white flour pasta with alternatives that are healthy but just as delicious and you can have the best of both worlds. Below are some alternatives that you can seek out as you ponder on the excitement of your next HEALTHY “Pasta Party”!

Veggie Pasta – Cut the starch, keep the fun! Made with puree obtained from real vegetables, like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and zucchini. Veggie pasta is the perfect way to get more vegetables into your diet. Barilla sells a packaged version but experiment by also making your own veggie noodles.

Chickpea, Black Bean, or Red Lentil Pasta - Bean, pea, and lentil, the taste is monumental! High amounts of natural plant-based protein are a plus. packed with fiber and slow-digesting carbohydrates, this one-two punch is perfect for the health nut and the carb critic. Banza, O Organic, Explore Cuisine, and Barilla make good options.

Brown Rice or Quinoa Pasta - If it's gluten-free it’s for me! Both are gluten-free, and both are packed with minerals and fiber. Both support healthy digestion and supply the consumer with fuel to take on the tasks of the day.

Keto Noodles - No need to cheat for the keto freak! Often made from the konjac plant which is grown primarily in Asia, this alternative usually consists of zero sugar and zero carbohydrates. Kiss My Keto and Palmini sell two high regarded keto pastas that can be used to replace traditional white flour pasta without breaking ketosis.

Pasta is back! Push aside those cravings and begin to enjoy again what was lost. Celebrate this week the healthy way by preparing a meal using one of the alternatives listed above. It’s time to abolish the guilt! Your waistline won't dissent!

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