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The main goal of the Hitback Evolution team is to revolutionize the fitness world by featuring short and effective workout plans for the individual with limited time.  Nevertheless, we dedicate our efforts as well in developing specific and individualized training plans for all.  

Our approach to fitness and personal development is fun, rewarding, and motivational with attention focused on helping others to build a strong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual base.  We seek to set forth by implementing a sound fitness routine along with nutritional guidance, inspiration, and the application of life-changing principles.


Ryan is Hitback Evolution's head personal trainer and he is also the president of the company.  With over ten years of experience as a fitness trainer, Ryan is on a ferocious pursuit to help others change their lives, using the methods he has acquired and improvised throughout the years.  Ryan has been a consistent athlete his entire life and has competed at a high level in many sports.  He currently competes in fitness events and athletic endeavors to help raise money for The Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (NIBD).


Ryan has been successful with a wide variety of training methods in his own personal fitness routine, as well as with his clients.  He focuses on strength and conditioning using the implementation of a variety of cutting edge and modern fitness components including kettlebell, circuit, and bodyweight training along with many other functional and unique practices.  The use of traditional weight training methods along with various forms of cardiovascular training is also within Ryan's repertoire as he suits his program design to meet the needs of each particular client.  

Ryan is a certified personal trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a New York State certified EMT with two years of experience working in the New York City 911 system.  

Ryan has trained elite athletes, people with various disabilities, and clients recovering from injury and illnesses.

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Dorothy H.

Injury Recovery

"First, I would like to say that I am 91 years young and so thankful for Ryan's help! My customized fitness program for my age has been so helpful and has become a way of life. I am very pleased, happy and feeling great! Thank you Hitback Evolution!!"

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