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15 Minute Workout E-Book_Hitback Evoluti

In a hurry and only have 15 minutes to workout? No Problem!

Select one of the Hitback Evolution Circuit Workouts in this E-book and get started! There are so many varieties to choose from you'll never have a dull, boring workout again! Learn different Bodyweight Circuits, Bar Circuits, Endo Circuits, and more!


Cardio Plan 3 E-Book_Hitback Evolution.p

Succeed with all the Hitback Evolution Cardio Plans 1+2+3!

- Build Aerobic base

- Incorporate Intervals

- Hit the Hills & Stairs & More...

These workouts build lung power, strengthen the lower body all while burning a significant amount of calories, and helping your body to melt off fat stores!



Learn how to build an aerobic base and add variety to your cardio sessions for your weekly workout routine!



Now that you’ve developed a base and have developed a routine of organizing your week for success, let’s take it a step further and intensify our cardio sessions by incorporating Intervals!



Just like in the interval workouts mentioned in the 2nd Hitback Evolution Cardio Plan, the hill and stairs workouts are going to burn a significant amount of calories while also helping your body to melt off fat stores. These workouts will build lung power and will also strengthen your lower body!


Meal Plan Package E-Book_Hitback Evoluti

Thrive with all the Hitback Evolution Meal Plans 1+2+3!

- Meal plan approach and guidance

- Healthier food choices and selections

- Benefits of portion control

- Sample meal plans

- Supplementation, & More!



Begin with our first meal plan approach and guidance. Healthier food choices and a variety of selections.



Fight sickness with these healthy smoothie recipes that are packed with vitamins, organic/non-GMO ingredients & jam-packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, protein & healthy fats!



Learn about the benefits of portion control and utilize our sample meal plans!



Introduce supplementation, spices, and herbs to your healthy lifestyle.


Personal Development E-Book Package_Hitb

Prosper in life with all the Hitback Evolution Personal Development Plans 1+2+3!

- Set the tone for a better life

- Change the direction of your mind

- See a better you

- Become a student of life

Put this all together, it's time to fight through fears and winning qualities!



Set the tone for a better life and change the direction of your mind with the help of this plan!



See a better you and become a student of life!



Put it all together, it's time to fight through fears and winning qualities!


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