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Of Man and Wolf

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

"This one goes out to all of you fighting battles alone. To all of you working toward your dreams & goals with no support. It’s not easy going it alone, but it is much better than following the herd walking in the wrong direction. Keep going and the RIGHT people will show up in your life. You won’t be a lone wolf forever." – Lone Wolf (Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation)

"They say the wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill. Always be that wolf, climbing the hill. Always hungry for more! Always hungry to grow, to feed your mind and to rise to the highest level YOU can." – Lone Wolf (Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation)

“If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf” – Nikita Khrushchev

Have you ever laid eyes on a wolf at the zoo or in the wild? On television or in a picture? Something in its eye appears mysterious and dark. Something in its demeanor displays resilience, strength, and blood lust. Look deep into the eyes of the wolf… His will appears unwavering. Every ounce of his being exudes the fact that he will do what needs to be done without a second thought… He is a killer!

The wolf is vicious and ferocious, yet his strength is determined by his ability and willingness to cooperate, to join forces and to work within a “pack”. As formidable as the wolf is, he is dependent and reliant on his crew. He grows stronger through the assistance of others! For the wolf to prevail, he must become loyal and obedient to the principals of the pack. He must become humble enough to submit to the power of a team! He must be smart enough to accept that he cannot do it all alone and that he must not leave his confidants to hang in the wind.

The hungry wolf will eventually find a meal. Whatever it may take and however he must adapt, he will eat or he will die! It may not always be pretty… In fact there are many times when it is anything but pretty and clean but pretty and clean aren’t on the wolfs agenda! He has one thing on his mind and that is to eat and to survive! So he makes it happen in whichever way he must! He will bite, claw and chase for it! He will fight and bleed for it!

When not in the pursuit of an elk or deer for miles and miles in the snow, the wolf puts his life in danger by sneaking his way up to a nearby farm in the dark of the night in hope for a chance at some pray. He knows that a nearby farmer may be armed with a shotgun or a rifle to take his life but he is willing to put it all at risk anyway in order to acquire his goal. When he fails, he tries again and this time he is more focused, hungrier, angrier and more determined. If he fails again, he keeps trying, with the knowledge and lessons of prior failures freshly ingrained in his brain. In the life of the wolf, its kill or be killed!

Within these consequential conditions, would you call the wolf lucky if he spontaneously happens to come across an opportunity for a meal? Who or what proclaims that he is not worthy and what is the argument? How and why would one honestly condemn him for jumping at his chance? He knows what he wants, he has pictured and tasted it, he visualizes and dreams about it! He lays up at night thinking about how he will acquire it! He continually seeks to harbor himself in the right places at the right times in order that he may get what he needs!

Persisting through failure and pain, the wolf takes chances and he lays it all on the line! He learns, he grows, he adapts! Most importantly of all, he chooses to face the truth because there is no room for lies and self-deceit in the wild. If the wolf wants to survive, if he wants to prevail, then he must be totally honest with himself by acknowledging his shortcomings! He must work to change and fix them! He must not make excuses! By choosing not to acknowledge his problems and by lying to Himself, he separates himself from assistance and comradery, starving himself from future opportunity and furthermore exposing himself to danger!

When I look into the eyes of the wolf, I see the same penetrating, dark and unwavering stare as I have seen on the faces of Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor, Roberto Duran, and Marvin Hagler. At times it seems as if there is a subtle smirk after the initial glance, hinting that they know something that you don’t, as if they have the ability to see into the future. As if they know what they are capable of and how far they are willing to go…

Could this telltale glimmer be a look of mere confidence? NO… such is a presence sharper then confidence! It was the look on the face of Jake the snake Roberts as he walked out to the ring during his prime in the World Wrestling Federation… He was deceitfully fabulous! It is most likely the look on the face of the serial killer in your favorite scary movie! It is the look of a creature who has prepared and yearned for the triumph!

Born without the genetic blessing of the initial burst of speed that is gifted to other mammals, the wolf is known to lean on the crutch of endurance as he often chases prey for miles until they finally succumb to fatigue… and then he strikes to kill! Like the wolf these champions learned over time to lean on their strengths and in that they posed with an edge against their adversary. Like the wolf, all of these great champions had and respected considerable individuals around them. They knew that they could not make it alone and they found strength in their “pack”.

The dream of a better life often stokes the fire of ones will to be great. The souls of the warriors mentioned once howled silently in the night, yearning for a chance to emerge on top or perhaps just to feel the sensation of battle as it seems it is indomitably ingrained in the hearts of some. The flame of adversity has broken many but it has forged the body, mind and spirit of these men to become strong. They have flipped misfortune on its heels!

In the heart of the wolf, submission is out of the equation… He will choose to lay down his life before he quits as any remains of surrender do not resonate in his blood. Through the cold, through the winter and through the storm he prevails. He is a soldier of nature and he wears this title with pride as pride is what he lives and dies by! Pride is what holds his house together, pride is what separates him!

Despite all common stereotypes, I believe that the wolf gets a bad rap! The wolf is a survivor at the utmost! He is sly, cunning and tactful. He plays to his strengths! Like many great champions in the fight game, the wolf has proven to endure and to rise above over time. Maybe we as humans can start learning from nature! Perhaps we can recognize that we too are primal beings and that we can take what we learn from the wild and use it to serve us.

We are all wolves or at least we all can be! If we want to attract luck, then perhaps we need to start thinking of ourselves as such! As it may be, we can become more aware of our strengths and work to develop useful skills. We could then strive to hone our craft and develop our proficiency. In doing this we could establish and attack our goals with a ruthless vigor and a relentless persistence.With all accepted and applied, we could rip through the flesh of adversity and carry ourselves forward to a better life!


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